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Air Arabia Cancellation Policy

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Based in Arabia and the low-cost airline, the airline, tries to provide every facility to its passengers. The passengers can enjoy the inflight as well as the online services in this airline. They can make a booking in this airline. But, sometimes there occur a situation when they have to change their plans.

Air Arabia Cancellation & Refund Policy

The passengers can cancel their flight as the airline provides the chance to cancel the flight ticket in case of emergencies. But, the passengers should go through the Air Arabia cancelation policy before they opt for canceling the flight ticket. We have mentioned it to provide you with the reference and make you aware of cancelation rules.

About Air Arabia Cancellation Process:

  • If the passengers have made the booking on the international flight in Air Arabia, then the passengers will not be getting the refund of the ticket.

  • The passengers cannot cancel their flight if only 1 hour is left for the flight departure.

  • If the passengers are opting for cancelation of their flight ticket within 1 to 12 hours of the scheduled flight departure, then they will have to give 40% of the cancelation charges. You will not get the ticketing fee from the amount of the refund.

  • Suppose the passengers are canceling their flight ticket of Air Arabia before 12 hours of the flight departure. In that case, the passengers will be charged with 20% of the cancelation charges and will have to provide the ticketing fee before getting a refund.

These are the significant pointers of the cancelation policy. We have also focused on the Air Arabia refund policy as the passengers should even know about the guidelines of getting the refund in air Arabia. They should be aware of the case where they can get a refund. Let us see the refund policy that we have explained below.

About Air Arabia Refund policy:

  • If the passengers have canceled their Air Arabia flight ticket, they will not get the ticketing fee in any case.

  • The passengers will not get the refund of the flight in Air Arabia if they are canceling the flight ticket before 1 hour of the departure of the flight.

  • The passengers will not get the flight ticket's refund if they have canceled their flight ticket before 1-12 hours of the scheduled flight.

  • If the passengers have not arrived to take the flight, then, in that case, the passengers will not be entitled to ask for the refund of the flight ticket. Also, they will be asked for the landing charges.

  • Air Arabia passengers will only get the taxes that are charged by the airline if they have opted for the cancelation of the flight ticket. They will get a refund of the fuel duty as well as the ticketing charges.

Air Arabia Customer Service

So, this is all about the cancelation and the refund in Air Arabia. We provide the best Air Arabia customer service for the passengers to clear all their doubts. The executives will help you out to get out of any tough situation. You can contact them by calling on the helpline number.

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