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Air Serbia Refund Policy

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Flights that get cancelled or trips getting postponed bring equal amount of disappointment. But what brings in the tension is cancellation of flights and hotels. If you call off your flight early, more than half of the flight ticket gets refunded within a week. 

What is Air Serbia Refund Policy?

But if your trip gets canceled on the last moment can be a bit disappointing since, last minute cancellation fortifies most of the flight cost. If you have reservations in Air Serbia a notable airline, you can cancel your flight and get a decent refund within time.  But before knowing how to make a refund, you should also know about the Air Serbia Cancellation policy.

About Air Serbia Cancellation policy

  • You can cancel your flight by visiting the website
  • Tap on manage bookings, give the details of your flight and follow as suggested
  • Enter your booking number followed by the passenger’s name
  • Now tap on search link.  
  • As your flight details load, follow as suggested
  • And at last confirm the cancelation
  • Or you can even cancel flight by calling on reservation helpline number and requesting for the refund.
  • If you cancel flight within 24 hours of booking then you can get the full refund
  • But if you cancel flight in last few hours of departure, you will be charged with cancelation cost.

Once you have canceled your flight, refer to below refund policies of Air Serbia. Air Serbia provides with easy refund to its passengers and hence you don’t have to be bothered. To find out, tap on below refund policies.

Steps To Get Refund From Air Serbia 

Air Serbia Refund Policy

  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the fresh booking then you can easily get the full refund
  • But as you delay your cancellation day by day, your cancellation charges will increase
  • If you miss your flight and don’t inform the airline, then your whole refund will be fortified
  • Post cancellation, apply for the refund online or call up on reservation number to remind them
  • While applying for refund remember that amount will be credited back into the same account as that of payment
  • Refund policy will only be applicable on tickets that are refundable. Non refundable tickets will not have any refund plan
  • And to apply for refund keep in mind the following things
  • Provide with all the information related to your booking
  • In written explanation with all your personal details
  • Print out of the bill

Air Serbia Reservation Center

And that’s all for the Air Serbia refund policy. in case you need more information, contact Air Serbia Reservation Center for more details.


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