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What Is AirAsia Cancellation Policy

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Know the AirAsia Cancellation Policy before Cancelling a Flight Booking

There might be the case that you need to cancel your bookings due to any reason. And if you have made reservations on AirAsia, you don't need to worry about the flight cancellation. However, you can cancel the flight bookings by simply going to the website of the airline. You must know the AirAsia cancellation policy before you cancel a ticket. So, here are some important points on the cancellation policy to avoid the charges. So, go through them.

What Is the Cancellation Policy of AirAsia?

  • On AirAsia, you can cancel your flight bookings up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight. Also, flights booked through the website can be canceled online only.

  • You can avoid paying the cancellation charges for your AirAsia flight bookings when the tickets are canceled within 24 hours of its purchase.

  • In addition, as per the AirAsia Cancellation policy, when you book a flight ticket within 7 days of its departure, you will be required to pay the cancellation charges even if the flight is canceled within 24 hours.

  • Also, you can get a refund for only refundable flight bookings; non-refundable bookings won't get any refund for cancellation. However, in some cases, the airline may reward you with some travel points.

  • Once you request a refund on AirAsia, the amount will get returned within ten working days. Just in case, you see any delay in receiving the amount, you can connect with the bank or payment interface support.

Cancel Your Flight Bookings on AirAsia Immediately Without Any Hassle

By considering the aforementioned steps, you will be able to cancel your flight without seeing any problem. Just in case, you want to know more about the AirAsia Cancellation policy, you should contact the customer service team. The support team is available over a phone call to assist you in providing the required information and helps you to cancel the tickets.

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