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Are Flydubai Tickets Refundable

Canceling flights first and then applying for the flight refund is not a cakewalk like we think it is. But if you know about the exact refund policies of Fly Dubai Airlines then you can cancel your flight bookings easily and then apply for the flight refund. And in case you are not much aware of the flight refund policies, this article will explain to you. 

About Fly Dubai Airlines Refund Policy

If you are probably wondering that are fly Dubai tickets refundable then yes the flight reservation can easily be canceled and you can apply for the flight refund. Tap below for finding how. 

  • Apparently, there are two types of flight tickets issued by the airline. If you cancel the value ticket then you can cancel it free of cost 24 hours before the flight takes off. 

 Also if you cancel the flex and business flights then also you can do it free of cost maximum of 24 hours before the flight takes off. 

Are Flydubai Tickets Refundable

 In case you cancel the non-refundable flight tickets then you would be able to get only the tax refund and not the flight fare. 

Steps To Get Refund From FlyDubai

  • The re-booking and the cancellation fees would be charged per person and ticket. 

  • If you cancel the flex and business class flight tickets then you have to pay a certain fee. 

  • In case you make the partial flight cancellation or re-booking then you also have to pay the fare difference or else the flight booking will not be updated. 

  • Once the flight gets canceled then you will get the flight refund in form of a voucher that you can use it to re-book the flight and the validity of the flight voucher will be 12 months. 

  • You can also make the cancelation of the optional services like baggage or meals

And hence that’s all for the Fly Dubai refund policy and the flight booking will be canceled. 

FlyDubai Customer Service

And in case you need more information related to Fly Dubai refund policy, contact the customer care.

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