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How to Backup Apple Mail

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Back up Mail, Contacts and Calendar so that you will not lose anything if you switch accounts. iCulture explains how to make such a backup. Nowadays you have little to fear with services like iCloud and Time Machine: in the background there is always a backup and you can never lose anything, right? Miss! For example, if you use the e-mail address of your work for personal messages, you lose those messages, contacts and appointments as soon as you stop working there. But normally you would not know how to backup Apple Mail. Even if you change the internet provider and use an address from the old provider, you have to be careful that you do not lose things because you no longer have access to the server. In this tip we will therefore show you how to make a backup of your e-mail, your contact list and your agenda. That way you will not lose anything when you have a new job. So let us have a look at how to backup Apple Mail.

Smart Options for How to Backup Apple Mail Now:

Back up Mail

Perform the following steps to create an archive of an inbox in the Mail application. This file will be stored in the so-called mbox format. At a later moment you can import the mbox files back into the Mail program. Or in another mail program that supports the mbox format. To backup Apple mail this is an important part.

Archive Mail

·         Open the Mail for Mac application and decide which mailboxes and folders you want to archive.

·         Ctrl-click on the mailbox with messages you want to save and choose 'Export mailbox' in the pop-up menu.

·         A new window now opens, allowing you to indicate where the archive files should end up. Select this location and press 'Select'.

·         Now the window is closed and the archive files appear in the relevant folder. This can take a while. If Mail is still busy, then there is always 'partial' for the mbox file. In that case it is not convenient to do something with it; wait until Mail has finished archiving.

Please note that if you use different folders, you must archive each folder. Otherwise you will lose the contents of your inbox that you put in a separate folder.

Make a backup of Contacts

·         Complete the following steps to archive your address list in Contacts:

·         Open the Contacts program on your Mac.

·         Go to Archive> Export ...> Contacts archive.

Indicate where you want to save the archive file from your contacts list and press 'Save'. The backup of your contacts list now appears at the desired location.

·         Archive contacts

·         Create a backup of Calendar

All these options are available for you if you do not know how to backup Apple Mail.

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