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Every airline ensures that its passengers reach their respective destinations on time and without any issue. But apart from the tickets and flights, there are a lot more other things and services needed by the passengers. A lot of passengers end up changing their flight's schedule and even cancel flights. If you also want to cancel or change your flight in the Cabo Verde Air, then follow below given details. 

How To Manage Booking In Cabo Verde Airlines 

Either you want to update your booking or want to cancel it, you can do all of this with the help of the Cabo Verde Manage booking service. To find out the way to access its services, tap below. 

Process Of Cabo Verde Manage Booking

1.First of all, open the website of the Cabo Verde Airline and tap on the manage my bookings or my trips option on the upper tab. 

2.You will get a pop up a few services related to the reservation that you can use depending upon the need. 

3.Before picking any service, enter your booking number and the last name of the passenger. 

4.And if you want to cancel reservations then select cancel link and then apply for the refund. 

5.For flight change, choose change reservation and use flight status option to check flight details. 

6.For seat upgrade, choose a seat assignment link. 

What Is The Process Of Cabo Verde Airlines Reservations

Cabo Verde Airlines is very well-known for the excellent in-flight services it offers to the passengers.  At the same time, the procedure for making reservations on Cabo Verde Airlines is also extremely comfortable as they provide distinct platforms for it. The flight ticket booking service is represented by the Cabo Verde Airlines via online portal or offline mode as well. Moreover, for leaning the Cabo Verde Airlines Reservations process via online and offline channel, go through the data given below.

Cabo Verde Airlines Online Flight Booking Process

Cabo Verde Airlines official website represents online portal though which you can search a flight as per your need and purchase a confirmed ticket on it.  Hence, the process for Cabo Verde Airlines flight booking via online portal is as explained below:

  • Visit Cabo Verde Airlines website and move to flight search tab

  • Then choose a trip type among return or one-way

  • Next, select the names of your origin and arrival city

  •  Then select departure and return travel dates on calendar

  • After that choose the total number of passengers and tap on search button

  • Then a complete list of available flights will appear on the screen

  • Now you can select a single most suitable flight

  • Hereafter pay for a confirmed reservation on that flight via preferred payment channel

Cabo Verde Airlines Flight Reservation Offline Process

Cabo Verde Airlines reservations service is also available through offline channels like telephonic or airport ticket counter. Hence, the procedure for booking Cabo Verde Airlines flight via offline mode is as instructed below:

  • Cabo Verde reservation support center provides the flight booking assistance via phone call
  •  You have to provide the flight requirement by connecting through phone number
  • Then a reservations officer will guide you and book a final reservations on a selected flight by you
  • Cabo Verde Airlines reservations service is also available at the airport ticket counter
  • You can receive the flight details for Cabo Verde Airlines by communication with the ticket counter officer at airport
  • Then finally pay the fee for a confirmed reservation on the selected flight

Cabo Verde Airlines Manage Reservations

And hence with the help of the above steps, you can find out about the Cabo Verde Airlines manage reservations. For any kind of doubts, you can contact the customer care team of the airline.

Cabo Verde Airlines Customer Service

Hence, Cabo Verde Airlines flight booking process is described above though distinct platforms that includes both online and offline channel. Besides, if some reservation related query is in your mind, contact the customer service department of Cabo Verde Airlines for receiving correct details from an executive.


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