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Cathay Pacific Name Correction & Date Change Policy

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Need any help about How To Correct Name or Change Date in Cathay Pacific then this blog will help you or you can call on Cathay Pacific Customer Service for more details.

Know About Cathay Pacific Name & Date Change Policy

If you are travelling with Cathay pacific you will find peace of mind in the sky, it’s going to be a luxury ride and next level of comfort and world class services. If you have booked a flight with Cathay pacific but you entered the name misspelt or the nickname (short name) by mistake or you need to change the last name (e.g. from maiden the married last name) or change the title (from Mr. to Ms. Etc.) you don’t need to worry, you are allowed to do that.

How To Do Name Correction In Cathay Pacific

If you want to change the name on your Cathay pacific flight tickets you need to follow the given conditions of Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy:

  •  All the tickets are non-transferrable. You cannot change the name on the ticket to another person’s name.

  •  If your last name is changed due to marriage, religion change etc. you are allowed to request for the name correction. You have to provide the documents to prove the last name correction.

  •  If your name is misspelt on the ticket or you entered your nickname or different spelling with same sound etc. you are allowed to change the name easily online or at the time of check in.

  •  If your title is changed you can request for the change on the booking/ticket.

  • Name correction which is not allowed as per Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy:

  •  If you want to change the suffix e.g. Dr. to Er. Or Jr. to Sr. etc.

  •  If the last name and the middle name are interchanged

  •  If name or last name are totally different

This is the Cathay Pacific Name Correction Policy for the flight bookings you should follow the conditions and you will not face any trouble during your travel. name correction can be done at the reservation counters or online through manage booking option online.

Cathay Pacific Date Change Policy

Using manage Booking option on the Cathay pacific website you will get the flight date change option as well. You need to follow the Cathay Pacific Date Change Policy. You are allowed to change the date and the time of your flight booking for the same destination at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. Only the original booking will be allowed to change the date, once the date or time of the scheduled flight changed you will not be able to change it again as per the Cathay Pacific Date Change Policy.

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