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China Eastern Airlines Cancellation policy

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Have you booked your reservations with China Eastern Airlines? But, nothing is going as per your plan, and you wish to cancel your reservations?

Know more about China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy before cancelling your reservations

Fortunately, China Eastern Airlines has solutions for such situations. If you are not aware, the airline has introduced China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy which allows the passengers to cancel their reservations and get refund for the same. And in order to help you out, here in this article, you will be provided with the complete details about the cancellation policy.

More About China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy :

  • As stated in this policy, these conditions are only applicable to the reservations booked through online website or through the reservation center of the airline.

  • Further, as per the China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers can easily cancel their unused reservations without any penalty and cancellation fee, can cancel their reservations within 24 hours purchase.

  • And the passengers who have cancelled partially used reservation, they can easily cancel their reservation but the passenger will be provided with refund of unused part of the ticket.

  • And as per the policy of the airline, the passenger are not entitled for partially used group reservations.

  • In addition, if no part of the group reservation is used, then you can easily cancel your reservation and get refund as per the general provisions.

  • Further, in order to confirm the cancellation, the passenger is required to submit refund form online.

  • Moreover, for the passengers who wish to cancel their reservations due to illness need to provide the required documents.

Hence, these were few pointers of China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy that you need to keep in mind. And for those who are not aware about the cancellation procedure of the airline, here is the simple procedure that you can follow.

  • For cancelling your China Eastern Airlines reservations, you need to visit the airline website and look for the manage booking option.

  • After that, you need to click on the particular option and proceed with the cancellation process.

  • Further, you need enter reservation code and surname in the provided field to retrieve your reservation.

  • Once your reservation is retrieved, you will be provided with an option to cancel your reservations.

  • Then, click on the cancel option to confirm your cancellation and get all the details regarding cancellation to claim a refund.

China Eastern Airlines Customer Service

Hence, this was the complete information about China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy and cancellation procedure that you should know. And in case, if you still have queries, contact the China Eastern Airlines reservation center of the airline to cancel your reservations and get a quick refund for the same.


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Henry Lamothe

am I able to cancel flights for all 6 family members because of the virus in China our flight were June 23 from JFK New York to Shanghi on to Seoul South Korea on China Eastern and returning July 8 the same way South Korea to China to JFK New York Do not want to take any Chances of the Virus



Good morning, I booked a round trip with China Eastern (L88RVG) and used the first fligth to Shanghai. Do to the corona virus situacion and being all turistic attraction closed in Shanghai, I and my daugther decided to leave Shanghai on Saturday and booked another flight with Spring Airlines. So, We won't use the return flight today at 2 pm. Travellers name TIZIANA BERGANCINI and GIULIA PUGLISI. Is it possible to get a refund for the return flight? Thank you


Bikram Jit Singh

I want one side ticket refunds



Hello, due to the cov 19, my parents cancelled the tickets at the end Jan 2020 via travel agency, until now no refund were made according to the travel agency. Could you please kindly advise how long it would take to process it? Almost 3 months now. Thanks

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