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China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection

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Travelling to your preferred destination via air is one of the most enjoyable things and it becomes more reliable when you travel on your favorite seat. But sometimes many situations come when you forget to choose your preferred seat during the booking and look for ways to select your favorite seat. 

Select your favorite seat easily and instantly with China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection

There are only fewer airlines carrier to provide the seat selection facility and China Eastern Airlines is one among those where you can simply select a seat of your choice as per the rules and restrictions set to choose a seat.

What is China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Do you wish to travel on your favorite seat to your preferred destination? Then you simply choose your seat in advance when booking your flight. You can also select your seat before check-in that always depends on the seat availability. But there are varied rules and restrictions for China Eastern airlines seat selection that very important to know before making a seat selection request which is given below:

Passengers can only change their seat after cancelling the reserved seat and then reserve a new seat.

Seat reservation can be made for children and adults as it doesn’t support an infant ticket.

Passengers can only change their seat up to 3 times for each flight segment.

How to Reserve a Seat on China Eastern Airlines?

Have you already booked your seat on China Eastern Airlines? But forget to select your preferred seat? Then you can still select your seat in advance when booking your flight online or after booking a flight. The process of China Eastern Airlines Seat Reservation can be made online which is very simple and straightforward to do through below steps:

  • Go to the official China Eastern airlines website.
  • Click on My Trips section.
  • Now click on the Seat Selection option.
  • Now enter your booking number, first name, and last name into the given field.
  • After that, click on the Reserve seat tab.
  • Now choose your booking that you wish to select a seat and then follow the on-screen instructions to reserve your selected seat.

China Eastern Airlines Customer Service

With the help of above-given steps, China Eastern Airlines Seat Selection process can be simply made and if you are still not able to reserve or select your seat, then contact the China Eastern Airlines customer service team to avail the supreme assistance to resolve all sorts of queries.

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