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China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy

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China Southern Airlines is one of the Big three airlines of China. It has a fleet size of 622 and flies to 216 destinations. The airline permits passengers to cancel their reservation and also get refunds if applicable. If you are planning to cancel your China Southern Airlines tickets and want to know their cancellation and refund policy then it is mentioned below.

Steps For China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Tickets that are cancelled by passengers within 24 hour of their original booking and the departure of the flight is after 7 or more days then a full refund can be received. Also no cancellation fee will apply for such cancellation.

  • Tickets that are cancelled by passengers after 24 hour of their original booking will be liable to pay a cancellation fee.

  • This cancellation fee will depend on certain factors like time of cancellation, the type of ticket, fare rules of ticket purchased and the cabin class.

  • Apart from cancellation fee, a convenience charge may also be deducted from the fare of a ticket.

  • If passengers have travel insurance then they will not have to pay any penalty for cancellation.

  • If tickets are cancelled last minute of scheduled departure of flight then passengers will be incurred a higher cancellation fee.

  • Passengers can cancel the tickets online through the website. The steps are given below.

  1. Open China Southern Airlines website.

  2. Go to ‘Change/Refund’ option.

  3. Enter your mobile number or email and VFRN code.

  4. Your trip details will appear.

  5. Select the cancel option.

  6. Proceed to play cancellation fee.

  7. Your tickets will be cancelled.

  8. You can further request refunds.

  • Tickets can also be cancelled by calling the reservation center or customer care center of the airline. Passengers can provide ticket details and request the executive to cancel tickets.

China Southern Airlines Refund Policy

  • The airline provides refunds to passengers after cancellation if the tickets are eligible. The refund depends up on the fare rue of purchased ticket.

  • Refunds can be requested online or by calling the reservation center of the airline.

  • Refunds need to be requested in the allowed time frame. If the refund period expires then no refund can be requested or received.

  • Refunds will be processed by the airline and can be received in 7-8 business days if the payment is done through card and it will take up to 20 days for payments done through cash or check.

  • If China Southern cancels a flight because of some unavoidable reasons then the airline will provide refund of ticket fare to the passengers. The airline will also provide compensate for cancellation and provide suitable service.

China Southern Airlines Customer Service

If you want to know more about China Southern Airlines cancellation and refund policy or you have any query then you can contact the China Southern Airlines customer support of the airline. They executives will easily solve your issue and provide you any information that you need.

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