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Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Cancellation

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Ethiopian Airlines which is the flag carrier of Ethiopia provides its services across the world which includes the continents Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas which includes North America and South America.

Go through following if needed to know about Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy!

Ethiopian Airlines is a member of Star Alliance which has primary hub at Bole International Airport and secondary hub at Lome Tokoin Airport.

If you have already booked your flight on Ethiopian Airlines and need to do the cancellation, then, prior to doing any cancellation, go through Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy:

Guidelines About Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

  • It is mandatory to make cancellation 24 hrs prior to flight time or there could be charges for flight cancellation.

  • It is mandatory to cancel the ticket to commence the refund process. So, the passengers who skip to cancel the ticket and even have not notified the agency prior to flight departure and have commenced the refund process are marked as No shows

by the airline and are not eligible for refund.

  • The amount of refund depends on various factors like the type of ticket you had booked, time left between booking and last time that is needed to cancel the flight.

  • Refund on cancellation also depends on the time lapse between booking and cancelling under Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy.

  • Also, there could be flight cancellation due to bad weather or any other issues like

any technical issues that could result in flight cancellation. In such cases, Ethiopian Airlines provides prior information regarding cancellation or there could be route diversion. Whatever be the case, Ethiopian Airlines provides information regarding same.

Above gives brief description about Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy. If you need any kind of assistance, you can contact the customer care of Ethiopian Airlines.

Go through following procedure for cancelling your ticket on Ethiopian Airlines:

  • Visit the website of Ethiopian Airlines.

  • Enter booking reference and last name.

  • Click on Retrieve booking.

  • Follow the on screen instruction to cancel the flight.

Apart from cancelling through online portal, you can also do cancellation by contacting customer care of Ethiopian Airlines. The procedure for flight cancellation is as follows:

  • Contact the customer care on Ethiopian Airlines.

  • Provide booking number and information necessary to log into your account and to proceed for the cancellation.

  • The customer care representative proceeds to cancel the flight.

  • If applicable, one has to pay the cancellation charge.

You can cancel the flight directly but it is recommended that go through Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy prior to making any cancellation.

Even after doing cancellation, one can rebook the flight immediately. To book the flight, go to Ethiopian Airlines website:

  • Visit the website of Ethiopian Airlines.

  • On the website enter departure point, arrival point, and other details.

  • Proceed to book the airline as you had earlier.

  • Make payment.

Ethiopian Airlines cares about customer comfort, so, in case if a customer needs assistance

to know about policies, he/she can contact the customer care of Ethiopian Airlines.

Alos, if you need to booking and manage the booking, then, all you need to do is contact the customer care regarding same and get the assistance accordingly.

If your requirement is to make changes into booking, Ethiopian Airlines gives flexibility to make changes into your booking, you can do it through manage booking section provided on Ethiopian Airlines website.

Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

Some itineraries can be added, for example, if you need to add baggage. Suppose, if you need to carry more baggage than that has been mentioned onto your booking, then, you can add the baggage under manage booking section.

Also, you can upgrade the ticket, add more persons on the same booking.

For more information, a passenger can contact the customer care.


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