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Etihad Seat Selection

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Seat Selection process of Etihad Airline

Etihad Airlines is one of the largest air carriers in middle-east and based in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airlines connects middle-east with other major international destinations. Hence if you want to book tickets you can easily go to the website and book. While booking tickets, you also get access for Etihad Seat Selection

About Etihad Seat Selection

Apart from booking flight you also get to pick your own Etihad Seat selection. Therefore you can go through below booking steps.

Steps to book Etihad Airline ticket:

1.Tap on the official website link

2.Once the web page loads, click on book option

3.You will be redirected to the booking page where you will be required to fill all the details

4.Start filling the date, time, and location

5.Also pick your class preference and number of passengers flying

6.Once done, check all your details carefully and proceed further to make payments

7.And you are done.

Once you have booked your flight, in case you don’t like the seat and want to change it then you can do it. For Etihad Airways Seat Selection one can easily go to the website and follow below steps.

Methods of selecting Etihad Airways seat:

1.You can pick your own seat either during booking it

2.Or you can choose seat while changing it and upgrading it to upper class

3.You can even cancel your seat and pick one of your choices

4.For following all the above methods of Etihad Seat Selection one can follow below steps.

Steps of Etihad Seat Selection:

1.While booking seats you can choose your seat preference on booking page

2.While changing seats you can go to manage my bookings, tap on change or cancel reservations and book accordingly

3.You can even follow same steps to cancel your ticket

4.Note that after booking your seat, if you select a new seat then you will be entitled to changing fees as well as the difference amount of new ticket

Modes of seat booking:

Basically Etihad Online Seat Selection is the easiest way of booking flight tickets. You can go directly on the website and choose your seat following above steps. Or you can even call up the reservation helpline number and choose your seats.

Therefore by following above all the methods one can easily do Etihad Seat Selection and choose seat of your preference. Moreover, if you face any doubt or query you can call up on customer helpline number and they will solve your issues and queries.  


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