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FlyDubai Cancellation Policy

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Canceling the flight when stuck in an emergency is quite common. And with Flydubai airlines it has made easy being a customer-oriented airline. 

What Is Flydubai Cancellation Policy

Hence, if you are stuck and want to cancel your Flydubai Airline then you must first refer to the cancellation policy. And Flydubai cancellation policy is explained below. 

Learning About Flydubai Cancellation Policy

  1. If a passenger is looking for a full refund then he will be eligible only when he is canceling his flight within 24 hours of purchasing it or departure. 

  2. In case 24 hours have been crossed then you can still cancel your flight but will be required to pay for the cancellation fee. 

  3. This cancelation fee depends upon various factors like destination, type of travel, taxes, etc. 

  4. To cancel your flight or check the refund status, a passenger may tap on the “Manage Travel” option that is available on the official website of Flydubai. 

  5. And if a passenger has fulfilled refund conditions and is eligible for the refund then according to the Flydubai cancellation policy, he will be initiated with the refund within 3-10 business days. 

FlyDubai Customer Service

After referring to some of the points, passengers may take necessary actions when choosing to cancel the flight. This cancellation policy by Fludubai will help you in making wise decisions. And for any further help, contact the FlyDubai customer service of your travel partner without hesitation.

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