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Gmail Not Updating On iPhone

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May  iPhone users are face issues like Gmail not updating on iPhone so this blog will help you to solve these kinds of issue or the user can contact to the Gmail customer service number .

What to Do If Gmail Not Working on iPhone

Billions of people around the globe use Gmail to send and receive important messages. You can use Gmail through a browser or through an app. Gmail app has been developed to be used in different platforms like Windows, Android and iOS. In this post I will be discussing about how to fix the issue of

How To Fix Issue-Gmail not Updating on iPhone

Yes, for different reasons iPhone users often face troubles with the Gmail app. It is really annoying if Gmail suddenly stops working on an iPhone. If few days back your Gmail was working perfectly and after waking up in the morning all of a sudden you find the Gmail not updating on iPhone, then you have come to the right place for solution.

Problems with Gmail on iPhone

Before going to the solution let's discuss the issues people often face with Gmail while using it on iPhone. The followings are the few problems that people often encounter:

  •         One cannot send mail.
  •         One cannot receive mail.
  •         The username and password does not match or is incorrect.
  •         Gmail cannot be connected using SSL.
  •         The mail server does not respond.
  •         The IMAP server does not respond.

Security Issues If Gmail Not Udating On iPhone

Security is the biggest concern of our day. None of us wants our personal data to be placed in wrong hands. And iPhone, with its high security features, has succeeded in preventing any security breach. The security system of Gmail is so tight that any suspicious activity in your account may have you locked out of your own account. For example, if you try to log into your account while you are on a vacation, you may get locked out of your account without any explanation and end up with the issue of Gmail not updating on iPhone. It happens because when you try to sign in from a new location, Google assumes that your account is being hacked.

How to Fix Gmail on iPhone

If you can not log in to your Gmail account, check whether the password and username you have put, is correct or not. If you can not open Gmail even after entering the correct password and username, then go through the following steps to solve your problem:

  •         If, Gmail not updating on iPhone, is the issue you are facing right now, make sure that you have a strong internet connectivity. If not, try opting for a better connection.
  •         If you have a good connectivity and still you cannot open Gmail, then open a browser and go to There you have to select the link called ‘mobile Gmail site’ placed at the bottom of the screen. After logging in, you will receive a mail saying ‘we blocked a sign-in attempt, make sure to click the link called ‘that was me’.
  •         If you visit Google’s my account page, you will find a section called ‘device activity and notifications’ where you can see the recent devices that have been used to log into your account. From there unblock the devices that you have been using.
  •         If you are still facing trouble, try doing the CAPTCHA reset of Google. It makes the process of connecting new device to Gmail easier as doing a CAPTCHA reset may unlock Google’s some security features.
  •         If you still face the issue of Gmail not working on iPhone, make sure that is enabled in Gmail’s settings. It is the technology that gets used in delivering mails to your device. Naturally, if this technology is disabled, you won’t be able to receive any mail in your Gmail account.
  • If user still have any issue then they can contact to the gmail customer service number and get help from technicians .

Again Install Gmail on iPhone

Even after trying all the above told methods, if the issue with your Gmail does not get resolved, remove your account from iPhone and reload it again. There are many websites in the internet dedicated to describe how to remove Gmail account from iPhone. By following these websites, you can surely solve your problem. If the issue with Gmail still persists on you iPhone contact the customer support team of Gmail who work extensively to resolve all the issues with Gmail. Hope that this article has helped you deal with your Gmail related issues. If not then you can contact to the Gmail Customer service number anytime for help and experts are there to help you .


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