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Gmail Not Working On Mac

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How to fix "Gmail not working on Mac" Issue?

Gmail is a Webmail which offers part of cutting-edge features to the users. It supports different operating systems, for example, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Getting to Gmail on MacBook Pro gives an extreme experience of webmail features.


However, Gmail not working on Macbook pro is the regular issues and generally emerges because of inaccurate settings; Preference files on Mac are Outdated, Email Server Issues and extensively more. In case, if you are likewise confronting any such issues, then you can resolve the same in a productive way.To resolve the issue user can contact to the gmail technical support number .


Gmail not working on MacBook Pro | Advanced Solution

Can't send or receive email

  1. If you are confronting such issue, then the prime reason for such issue is the inaccurate setting of the Email Server or may be the system is obsolete. To determine the same, Launch Apple Mail and at the top of the Menu bar, you will see Mail menu, select Preferences from the same.
  2. Under the same, tap on Account and further select your Gmail Account.
  3. Now, move to the Server settings of Gmail and select SMTP. Check the Host Name of the Server, it ought to be
  4. Click on the Advanced segment of the Server settings and move to the Port segment. Check the number.
  5. From that point, ensure, the SSL security is turned ON.
  6. After, finishing this procedure, click OK.


Gmail on Mac is frequently asking for the Password

  • In any case, if you can't associate the Email, then you need to check a few activity. In case, if you have changed your Password from the other device, then enter the present password on MacBook Pro.
  • In some cases, Gmail requests that you reset the password because of the security reasons. This happens when your account is hacked or you have empowered the 2-Step Verification mode.
  • If your account is suspended, then you will get such error.  So, to resolve the same, you have to enact your account once more.


Or the user can contact to the gmail customer service number to resolve all kinds of technical issues . user can contact to the gmail technical support number 24*7 and  our best technicians will provide you the guidance in a best way.

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