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Gmail Password Not Remember

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Get details to get back your gmail password if you don’t remember it!!

User's who don’t remember their gmail password can easily recover it back with the recovery steps that is mentioned below in this article. For recovering the gmail password, the user should have access to their registered phone number or their alternate email address. If the user don’t have any one of these, then they can use the other one and can get back their account password. 

But the user should remember that with the recovery steps they will not get back their old password, instead they will have to make a new password for accessing their account. Therefore, for gmail password not remember the below mentioned steps are to be followed by the user :


  • Firstly the user is supposed to go to the sign in page of google i.e
  • Then the user is supposed to click on forgot password menu and should go to the next step. 
  • In the email address option, the user is required to enter their gmail address for which the recovery has to be processed. 
  • From there the user should go to the password option and should then enter their last password that they remember. 
  • If the password is not known by the user then they can click on the option named try a different question and should process further. 
  • By selecting on this particular option the user will be asked to process the account verification. 
  • For the account verification, the user needs to enter their alternate email address or their registered phone number in the given space. 
  • The user will then get a code on their registered number or a link on their alternate email address. 
  • The user should enter the code or should follow the link.
  • Fro there the user will be directed to a page where they need to enter their new password.
  • Lastly, click on save. 

Gmail password not working? contact to gmail password reset phone number

Hence,  gmail password not remember issue can easily be solved by the user by simply following the steps mentioned above. For more details the google representatives should be contacted by the user on their phone numbers. 


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