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Google chrome not working in Mac

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Google chrome is a leading web browser which is used for searching web. It provides fastest internet speed in comparison to other browser that why it is used by many user in all over the world. When you open Google chrome browser on your Mac device then it does not open due to may ways such as storage issue, internet connectivity issue and so on. So, the user can contact to the Google chrome customer service number.

What needs to be done when Google chrome not working in Mac!


To access Google Chrome you need to fix all the issue. We are describing some steps to fix this issue. You will have to follow given below steps:


  • First of you need to open system preferences then you need to go to the users and group option.
  • Here user will have to click on the Padlock option.
  • After that click on the add sign.
  • User will have to sign out your account then you need to sign in with your new account.
  • If you find that Google chrome is opening with new account then you need to check the library setting.
  • For this you are required to go to the users then type your account name then library.
  • After that you will have to go to the chrome option.
  • You need to put the chrome folder on your desktop.
  • Now you will have to open Google chrome, it may be work well.
  • If you are not able to find bookmarks then you need to go to that folder which you have put on the desktop.
  • Now you will have to put them in to the new folder which has been automatically created after login the chrome account or after open the chrome.
  • For this go to the library file then Google.


Google Chrome Not working in Pc

If user is still facing any kind of issue while fixing Google Chrome on Mac then they can contact to the Google Chrome Customer Service Number. User can contact to the Google Toll Free number any time 24*7 and the technicians will assist them as they need to resolve their issue in a less span of time.

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