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Google Plus Not Working on Android

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Get basic solution when Google plus not working fine on Android device:  

Google plus is a social networking service developed by the Google. Its all features and products are a competitor to Facebook account. It is quite similar to other social networking website is but Google plus attempts to differentiate it by allowing in your transparency that you share with the clients and how to interact with it.

Google plus is originally launched with the other elements of Circle, huddle, Hangouts, and spark in which huddle and spark are eventually eliminated. Google Chrome has been the best internet browser by which help most of the users began their sign-in process with the Gmail account simply. 

Thus, to access Google plus it is mandatory to sign your Gmail account on after launching Google Chrome browser as it is the subsidiary service to handle the tasks immediately error-free. However, if there is an error like Google plus not working on an android phone, then you should not worry a bit as Google plus customer care representatives are available at every point of the time to get the issue fixed instantly.

Google plus sometimes when stops working by using Google Chrome browser then instead of getting worried you are required to figure out the cause of the issue so that you can understand how to resolve the issue at the right time. It is a good idea to remain cool at the moment of worst circumstances that leads the way to resolve the issue soon.       

Here are the ways when the Google plus not working on android phone: 


  • Turn on your Android device and then press the Google account button.
  • Enter the correct email address and password and then press the sign in button.
  • Go to the account and then select the gear icon option showing above at the left. 
  • Select the Google plus and then check out the notifications sent by the friends and someone else.
  • There will be various options like Home, Discover, Communities, profile, People, and Notification.
  • If you are not able to access your Google plus then you need to install the Google+ app on your device.
  • Even you can go to the settings to make enable all the disable options to manage your Google plus apps with ease.  

How to contact google plus customer care number?

At the bottom, there is an option for the help in order to get the issue fixed in no time. 
if still facing any issue regarding in google product then one can call us one google plus customer care number to get instant technical support if google plus not working properly.   

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