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Google Search Not Working On Pc

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If the search is not working then your browser is of no use as browsers prime task is to get the desired results of activities that are being searched.

How to fix Google search not working on PC or Chrome issue?

There are certified technicians who can offer instant solution for such issues and errors. Apart from this the users who have the working knowledge of their browser can try out different tips and tricks which are just mentioned down below the tutorial. Other users should not even give it a try as they will tend to ruin the things which are not good for the users. Such users are firstly advised to seek a piece of advice from the experts and then they can try out their own tips and tricks. All the necessary guidance will be offered to the users by remote technical assistance in which the technicians will only have to remote access the users system to guide through the root cause of the issue.

Different things which can be tried out by the users to fix Google search not working on PC or Chrome issue

  • Check if Chrome is opened or not

It may that you may have previously forgotten to close your Chrome browser as a result of which your search engine may not be working. So users can firstly check if their browser is opened or not and then accordingly they can take the action to fix the issue.

  • Try restarting the Computer

There may be some programs that may be running on your computer which may be preventing your browser from opening or perform any sort of search operations with it. If this is really the concern for the issue then users can simply do is restart the computer and this should certainly get the issue resolved.

  • Try uninstalling and re installing the Chrome browser

Even if the things are still not working then the next thing which can be tried out by the users is uninstall the browser. Once un installation has been done in an effective manner then users ca n simply re install the same and then things should definitely work for the users.

  • Try adjusting the antivirus settings and also run scan

It may be that some antivirus settings may be preventing you from surfing across the web. Users can try changing the settings of their antivirus. Once that is not working then next users can do is simply run the scans and after removal of antivirus users can try accessing their browser and perform search operations.

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