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Quick and easy way to resolve Google Issue

Internet today has become one of the common destination for every young and old for doing host of activity whether shopping, online transaction or search for any information. As the world is becoming more digital the use of internet is increasing day by day. Over the course of time Internet has risen rapidly and become the integral part of our life. We cannot connect to the Internet until we have one thing that is search engine. There is plenty of search engines in the world but nothing can come close in terms of popularity as “Google”. Google Customer Service helps you in guiding and assisting you in fixing any problem without taking much time.

Google is one of the leading and most popular web search engines in the world. It constitutes more than 85% of the internet searches in the world.  One can easily google any information from anywhere and at anytime. They are known for their accuracy, speed as well as perfection in their searches. Apart from that it also provides various features like bookmarking, adding extensions as well as opening the file incognito mode so no one can see your history. But sometimes user does face certain problems while working on it, one of the common problem faces by user is Google not working properly on phone. One can take the assistance of Google Technical Support or follow this simple procedure:

  •  Open your phone and then hold down the home button.
  • Again, one needs to turn on the Google Assistant.
  •  Further send a Hi to check to whether it’s responding.
  • If its turn on then it’s ok. If it’s not then one must go to the home.
  • And further click on setting and then on Phone.
  • Again one needs to turn on the Google Assistance and then turn on Google detection.
  •  Then in order to resolve or fix the issues, one must check whether updating is the problem.
  • There might be chances that Google is not updated and in case if not then go to the Google app and click on Update.

In case, if you face any problem then one must take the help through Google Technical support. They have an excellent technical support team which will help you in fixing any problem within immediate basis. They have an excellent support team which work 24*7/365 days in order to make sure that whatever be the problem must be fix on timely basis. 

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