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Google Translate Not Working

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Google Translate users may sometimes face issue that Google Translate Not Working so they can contact to the Google translate customer service number and experts are there to help their clients and resolve issue in time .

Fix issue like Google Translate Not Working

Google Translate has made it easy for everyone to communicate, even though they can’t speak a language. And now, Google has made it even easier to communicate across languages. It is a great tool if you are missing a single word or just want to have an overview of a longer text in a foreign language. But many times user complaint about google translate not working as they don’t have any idea how to fix the issue so,  they can contact to the Google translate customer service number anytime and technicains will help you 24*7 anytime.

How to fix the issue if google translate is not working?

When you face issues with your Google translate, you must follow the below steps to fix any technical issues.

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Search for any content in another language.
  3. Look for the “Translate” option at the top of the screen.
  4. Your page will be translated to the default language.
  5. If the translation is not working, refresh the webpage.
  6. If Refreshing doesn’t work too, use another method.
  7. Right click on the web page and choose “Translate” option.
  8. If none of the method solves the issue, get in touch with the Google technical support team immediately to fix the issue of google translate not working.

Google Translate Customer Service Number

If user still having doubt or facing any other issue with the Google Translate then they can contact to the Google Translate customer service number which helps to resolve your issue in

time .


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