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How to Access iCloud Drive

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Information and data is very regulating in millions and billions of giga bytes ad tetra bytes over the internet. A device , what every it may be, like PC, laptop , smart phone etc. doesn't have that much space to store such big data. Apple has developed an application Icloud where one can store such huge amount of data remotely. User need to create an account and then he can save and access files stored in the icloud. This is called as ICloud Drive.  The documents saved here are safe and secure too. This account can be synced with his other ios devices like ipad, iphone, Mac etc. The problem of space is almost sorted out with icloud. New users to Apple devices may feel problem in using this application. So this article is all about How to access iCloud Drive?

Accessing ICloud Drive :

  1. Icloud drive can be accessed from any of the Apple device be it iphone, ipad, Mac or from the website
  2. If you are using supported browser then you can access
  3. If you wish to access in Mac, then open Finder and then locate icloud drive.
  4. From iphone or ipad, or itouch, if is ios 11 or later then it has File App for accessing ICloud Drive.
  5. In ios 9 or 10, there is icloud app itself so user just need to tap on that and follow the instructions.
  6. In windows 7 or later PCs , user can go to File Explorer and then navigate to icloud drive.
With an icloud account user can also download files if he wish to. User have to login to his icloud account first. The below steps shows how to access iCloud?
  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Then click on the name appear on the next screen.
  3. Tap on that and later hit on icloud.
  4. Here user can see how much storage is there in his icloud account.
  5. Also, there is a list of apps which user can sync with the icloud so that from there he can save the files directly.
  6. Check for your folder from which you want to download and access the file.
  7. Right click on that file.
  8. Then click on the option Download.
  9. The selected file will be downloaded from Icloud drive to your mobile device or system.
Call at the Apple support if there is any problem in How to access iCloud Drive. The technical executives will provide all the help and this tech support is 24/7 available.

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