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How To Avoid Change Flight Fee

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Top 6 hacks that would help you to avoid flight change fee 

Booking reservations with airlines is a simple task, but many passengers are concerned about whether they would be able to change their booked flight due to unforeseen reasons? Fortunately, some airlines offer this provision to the passengers to change flight tickets before the departure of the flight. 

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However, most of the passengers avoid switching itinerary because of high flight change fees incurred. Well, one can easily Avoid Change Flight Fee by keeping these simple hacks in mind to avoid a hefty flight change fee. 

Simple Hacks To Easily Avoid The Flight Change Fee

1. Make changes within 24 hours

For the passengers who regret to book their flight tickets in a jiffy, they are offered with an option to change and cancel their booking within one day of the initial purchase. Further, in this case, the passenger is not required to pay any flight change fee.

2. Modify flight ticket 60 days before the departure

If you have booked your flight ticket well in advance then, the passenger has an option to make changes to their itinerary 60 days before the departure of the flight without additional charges. 

3. Verify schedule changes

For the reservations booked months before the actual departure of the flight, there are chances that there can be changes in the schedule or the flight carrier. So, before making changes, confirm the changes, and if any, claim a refund for the same. 

4. Book flight tickets at an affordable fare

If you have a little bit of idea about the possibility of making changes to the flight ticket at the time of booking, the passenger can book their flight ticket with a flexible fare to easily modify their booked itinerary at a lower fee. 

5. Contact customer service

The passenger can even contact the -customer service of the airline to seek assistance to Avoid Change Flight Fee for their reservations.

6. Change flight on same-day

If possible, the passenger can opt for the same-day flight change option to catch a later or earlier flight with the same destination and departure locations.


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