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How to avoid Delta flight change fee

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When you book a flight ticket, you never know that you might have to change or cancel it due to some unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. But, if you have to do so, here are a few points that you must try to sidestep the change fee with Delta airlines. These points will also be quite useful for those who don’t know how to avoid Delta flight change fee. So, keep reading!


Learn How To Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee

1.      Try canceling your flight the same day as you booked them. This means that flight cancellation within 24 hours of reservations will get you off fee-free.

2.      Waiting for a schedule change will also make you eligible for a full refund on your tickets even on a refundable fare.

3.      Avoid booking your tickets through a travel agent. Because Delta Airlines applies an additional fee on ticket cancellation that the airline didn’t issue.

4.      Instead of changing the original ticket, dump your reservation and make a fresh booking with Delta Airlines. This will save you money on change fee.



How to avoid Delta flight change fee


These are few suggestions on how to avoid paying Delta change fee. Follow one or all of them to avoid paying a large sum of money as flight change fee whenever you need to change a flight due to an unforeseen event. You can also stay in touch with the customer care at Delta airlines office in order to get updates on flight schedule change in advance so that you can get off with a $200 change fee on domestic flights and a $500 fine on international trips.

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