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How to Enable Cookies in Firefox?

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Some Easy Steps to Enable and Manage Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are also known as an HTTP cookie, browsers cookie stored to web browsers by a user. Cookies are utilized for multiple purposes such as authenticating, tracking specific information about users in the sense of their shopping cart contents and they can be easily achieved in the form of a storing text data.

Every web browser proffers cookies feature including Mozilla Firefox. Users can easily enable or disable the cookies, and also manage as per their requirements. In this article, you can learn about both ways of enabling and managing the cookies.

How to enable cookies in Firefox?

If you want to enable cookies in your Mozilla Firefox, then you can easily enable through below steps:

  •        First of all, open Mozilla Firefox and then go to menu available at top-right side.
  •       Click on the Options from the scroll-down menu.
  •        Now click on Privacy & Security section present on the right side.
  •        Click on history section and then choose Use custom settings for history option from drop-down menu.
  •        Now check the box Accept cookies from websites to enable cookies.
  •        After that, choose a time period that how long these cookies are allowed to store.
  •        Now close and re-open your Mozilla Firefox to keep changes.

How do I manage cookies in Firefox?

Manage cookies in Mozilla Firefox is very simple and you can do that with the help of below instructions:

  •         Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and then click on Settings icon to choose the Options.
  •         Click on Privacy and then you will see Clear your recent history option, and then click on it. Now you can check a box for cookies and also delete them for a specific time period.
  •         If you want to configure third part cookies in Firefox, then click on Remember history from drop-down menu and change to Use custom settings for history.
  •        Now click on the Accept cookies and choose the sites that you want to store the cookies.



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