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How To Fix Google Chrome Crash

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Are you aware about the Google Chrome ? Google chrome is one of the leading and most popular web browser in the world. It can constitute for about more than 50% of market share.  Billions of user across the world use google chrome annually in order to search for their queries whether its related any information, social networking or host of other services.

Know How to fix google chrome crash

The sheer reason behind such massive use of Google chrome is mainly due to its simplistic design, speed, accuracy and precision in the result of any queries. Apart from the Interactive searching medium, it also provides assistance in enhancing the browsing application. User can add various extensions to the web browser. But sometimes user does face certain problem one of the common problem user face is How to fix Google chrome Crash. User can contact to the Google Chrome customer service number to get more detail and to resolve these kinds of issue.User can take the assistance from their technical support team .

Procedure to fix Google Chrome Crash:

  1. User first needs to delete the local state file which having some custom settings.
  2. For deleting of the files user needs to close the google chrome.
  3. Then Open the windows Explorer and type %USERPROFILE% /AppData /Local/Google/Chrome/UserData.
  4. After you find the “ Local State “ file there, then Delete it.
  5. Now Again Open the Google chrome and see whether the following actions  has make Google chrome repair works or not.
  6. User should also lookout for the Flash extension, If there is a problem due to that.
  7. Then type chrome://Plugins and click on the disabled at flash files to disable and then re open it to make sure it works or not.

Google Chrome Toll Free Number

If user still facing any kind of issue while fixing Google Chrome crash or still having doubt that how to fix Google Chrome Crash then just contact to the Google Chrome Toll Free Number and resolve their issue with the help of experts anytime 24*7.


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