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How To Fix HP Printer Error 79

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A HP printer error can be most frustrating especially when you do not know how to fix hp printer error 79 so this blog will help you.

How To Fix Hp Printer Errors

Apart from a bunch of issues that keep arising in a printer from time to time, error 79 is most commonly occurring problem in an old HP printer. Before you fix error 79, it will be good to know the root cause for the error so that the next time it comes, you will stay prepared for it. So, let’s start!

The error 79 can be of two types –

  • Error 79 turn off then on
  •  Error 79 service error turn off then on

This means that there are two types of approaches for fixing the error 79 issue. Let’s start with     first one. Here we go!

Know How To Fix Hp Printer Error 79

The root cause for this problem might be internal firmware errors. Follow the steps given below  to find solution to how to fix HP printer error 79:

  • Turn printer’s power off and wait for few minutes
  •  Turn on the power and wait for your HP printer to initialize

If the problem persists, don’t panic with the problem – how to fix HP printer error 79. Instead of it, disconnect the USB cables and turn off the power. If the printer comes to its ready state once again, check its firmware version. To do so, go to the printer’s console panel and print a configuration report. Else, visit HP Support page to check if the latest firmware version is available. Update it and get an answer to how to fix HP printer error 79.

However, if you notice that error 79 recurs on your printer every now and then, disconnect your machine with all the surrounding PCs. Simultaneously, delete all the printer jobs from your computer as well as from all connected desktops. Now, perform test print job to completely get rid of the problem.

Hp printer Tech Support Number

If you think you cannot fix the issues using above help tips, please get in touch with the Hp printer tech support team. Seeing these guys remain extremely busy throughout the day, chances are that you fail to contact them. In such case, call the third party customer support team. Availability of Hp printer tech support is  24X7 and will be glad to help you out with your issue.


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