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How to Google Drive Works

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How to Google drive works on an iPhone device? Here are the ways:

Sometimes the users face some of the common problems while using Google drive on their devices and it does not work fine. If you are one of them don’t know how to Google drive works, at this, you need go to cloud storage of Google that shows the online backup option and other options related to the different purpose of using similar infrastructure. 

Below mentioned points are elaborating on how to Google drive works exactly.

  •    At first sign in your Google account and go to the settings and select Google drive from the gear option.
  •     Go to the files or settings option to select sync file and folder and follow the on-screen instructions.
  •    You can create a file and folder on your Google drive so that you can get the clue to share your file directly from the Google drive.
  •    It helps in sharing and receiving text and image message comfortably.

Similarly, if you are the user of Android device want to use Google drive, but the problem is you don’t how to Google drive works on an iPhone device. At this, you are required to fix the problem as listed down.

  •    At first, open your iPhone device and go to the Apple play store.
  •   Select the Google play store and choose Google features, if you have selected Google drive.
  •   Press on the download button and go to the Google account apps showing into the Apple store panel.
  •   Sign in your Google account using the correct email address and password and press sign in button.
  •   Go to the drive and select the option to use on your iPhone device.
  •   You can update and create the files, share and synchronize the files, download and open the apps, etc.
  •   Having completed the task you need to do click on the sign out button if you consider your account toward safety.

By this way, you can use Google drive on your iPhone device with ease. In case there is an error and you don’t know what to do then you can contact its tech support techies who are available at every second of the time.  

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