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How to Host Your Own Website Server ?

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Execute these short and simple steps to know how to host your own website server

The users may host their own website. Simple execution of the steps stated below will let the users  know how to host their  own websites. The below stated steps will answer the question of how to host your own website server.

Step 1: Installing the WAMP software:

The users need to instal the WAMP software. The users may install this software manually. After downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit WAMP-binary , the users may begin the installation. The user just needs to follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is complete, the user needs to launch the WAMPServer.

Step 2: Using WampServer:

Once the WampServer gets installed, then a www directory will be automatically created on its own. Within this directory, a sub directory will also be created. When the users will open the internet browser with the http://localhost, then the users will be able to see the main screen of WampServer.

Step 3: Creating an HTML Page:The users may create a new HTML page by directly clicking” www directory” in the 

WampServer menu and then the users may save it.

Step 4: Configuring MySQL:

The user needs to configure the My SQL databases.  After doing so, a phpMyAdmin login screen will get opened in the new browser window. The default username will be the will be root, and the users may  leave the password field blank as well. Now the users may create a new MySQL database. These steps will help to know how to host your own website server.

Step 5: Making the Site Public:

The users may make their site publicly accessible. For doing this the users may change the configuration of the Apache. The users may find this and then edit the file. Thus can be done by going to the  WampServer menu and then clicking on  “Apache,”. Thereafter the user needs to select “httpd.conf.” .After this he users may then restart all the WampServer services by clicking “Restart all Services” in the menu.

Step 6: Using a Domain Name:

How to host your own website and domain?

In order to use a domain name, alongwith the WAMP installation, the user needs to configure some files.

The above listed steps will help to know how to host your own website server.The users may contact the technical team if the user face some issues.

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