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How To Install Brother Printer Without CD

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Brother printer users have any doubt about how to install brother printer without CD then users can contact to the Brother printer customer service number anytime for experts help. Brother printers are a product of a company named Brother Industries. The headquarters of Brother Industries is located in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. The industry is well- known for its products that are machine tools, printers, sewing machines, typewriters etc.

Know About How To Install Brother Printer Without CD

If a user wants to use the printer, they need to follow the steps mentioned in a CD-ROM that was provided at the time of purchase of the printer. In case, if the CD is not there or the user does not want to play it, they can follow the below listed steps in order to know how to install brother printer without CD:

Steps About How To Install Brother Printer Without CD or Disk

  • There are driver downloads options provided on Brother’s website and it can be used for most of the printers.

  • The user needs the model number of the printer to start with the process.

  • By providing the exact model number, support center will be able to resolve the issue coming up with the printer by providing help for specifically the required printer.

  • The drivers usually gets downloaded in the default Downloads folder in the system. The user needs to open and move the same to the Printers folder in order to check How to install brother printer without CD.

  • The prompted window of the setup will keep showing the new pages with an option to accept and proceed further by clicking on Next button. The user need to assure that the Printers folder is in Control panel. If it is there, let it work in the way it is and if not, drag and drop the folder to the required location in the system.

  • The user needs to select the option of Read and agree for the user agreement in order to proceed with the installation.

  • Most of the printers nowadays have a wireless network which is connected with number of computers.

  • The user needs to have the information about the wireless network that includes the name and password of the network. The name of the network is also known as SSID and password is known as network key. This information is present on the sticker placed at the base of the router. The user needs a USB cable also to carry out the process of installation.

  • The user is required to connect the Brother printer to the power switch but the USB cable should not be connected at this time.

  • In case, if the computer is switched off, turn it on and check for the drivers whether it is installed or not. The user needs to open the folder of Printer network driver and the configure option is selected from there, next choosing the option of Brother-Peer-to-Peer-Network.

  • After that, the USB cable is connected to the computer and printer. A small window will be prompted on the screen asking for the permission to change the firewall settings and make changes to the antivirus software. The permissions are allowed in order to give the access of the printer to the computer.

  • The user needs to ensure the selection of Wireless Setup in order to make the printer work wirelessly and not on the USB cable.

  • The driver setup in the computer needs to recognize the network. It is then selected, and the prompted windows which are left are selected after that. In order to test the setup, try unplugging the USB cable.

Brother Printer Customer Service

This is the whole process with steps to know how to install Brother printer without CD. In case of any other assistance the customer support can be contacted. The technical support will help the users in resolving the issue. The contact details can be found on the official website of Brother Industries and hence the customer service can be contacted easily.

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