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How To Install Hp Wireless Printer

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Installing an HP wireless printer is a worrisome task for those people who don't have enough knowledge about it. Maybe you are among them if you are looking forward to the answer to the question how to install HP wireless printer. Else, you have forgotten some of its steps. The complete installation process is given here, starting with the installation of HP wireless printer software.

How to install HP wireless printer software?

  • Download software for your printer and computer
  • The downloaded software should be compatible to your operating system and printer model
  •  Connect the software to the same network where your printer is connected to
  •  Select either [Network], [Wireless], or [Through the Network]
  •  Select it when you are prompted to do so as per the version of the software you are installing
  •  There are cases when software automatically finds wireless settings for you
  •   Follow the on-screen instructions to end up the installation

Know How to install hp wireless printer?

If the wireless printer is already connected to the network, it will be discovered automatically in the meantime of the installation process. That’s why the computer where you are installing the software must be connected to the same network. However, there are instances when the software faces difficulty in exploring the printer over the network. If it happens to you while exploring the answer to how to install HP wireless printer, just go for [Advanced Search].

How to install HP wireless printer?

•        Turn on your Wireless printer to begin the installation process

•        Use wireless printer touchscreen to connect your wireless network

•        Press the right arrow key and press setup

•        Now you are urged to select [Network] from the [Setup] menu

•        It will allow you choose the [Wireless Setup Wizard]

•        The [Wireless Setup Wizard] will search for the wireless routers in the range

•        Select your Network (SSID) from the list.

•        Please enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for the network; press [Done]

•        Confirm the [Settings] by hitting the [Ok] icon

•        Press [Ok] to print wireless report; it can be skipped too

•        Your wireless computer now can browse to the printer and print to it

Hp customer service number

This is how to install HP wireless printer. Do not connect the USB cable until you get an instruction from the software you have installed earlier. Get the print of a Wireless Network Test report if you are looking forward to the IP address. The job is more comfortable for you if your printing machine has a display. Touch the wireless button to get the desired IP address on display.If user still have doubt that how to install hp wireless printer then the user can contact to the hp customer service number to take help from technicians and they will provide you the best guidance to solve the issue in a short period of time.


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