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How To Make Website Responsive Using Bootstrap?

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A website is the main source to respresent your products as well as the services to the clients so just in case you do not have a website that is attractive as well as responsive then you will just end up loosing your business. By making it responsive we mean the site must be able to look good not only on the desktop screen but on the tablets and smartphones as well. It should be able to properly adapt to the screen of the device of the user withoutn any issue.

Now in order to make your website responsive you have to simply know the answer to the question saying how to make the website responsive. And that you can do by following the below written steps:-

The very first thing that will help you out is the layout of the website, now here the trick is that you can start by creating a website that has a non-responsive layout.

And once you are happy about this non-responsive website then you can go ahead to add some of the media queries as well as other slight changes to the code so that the website could look more responsive.

Once you are done with this task then on the next step you have to do is to paste the lines within the head and head tags by going to your html page.

By doing this you will be able to view your screen on the 1 by 1 ratio and you will also be able to remove any of the functionality from the devices such as the iphones.

The other thing that you can add to your website is to add the proper CSS code, by doing this you will be able to ensure that the images are never bigger than the parent container.

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And hence this will definitely make all your things easy and will give you a much responsive websites. So there are a number of other ways as well that you can use to make your website more resonsive, you just need to find them.

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