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How to recover deleted Gmail account

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Our means of communication has seen a tremendous change in our life. We are surrounded by various types of communication devices in our life whether its telephone, mobile phone, social networking sites and various other communication apps. But no one can match the popularity of one communication means which has seen exponential adoption is Email. Email today’s form the base of our modern communication system. There are numerous number of email service providing company across the world. But no one can match the services and capability of one email service i.e. Gmail.

Gmail is one of the leading and most popular email service currently in the world. It is part of the leading and world most popular Internet service providing company i.e. is Google.  Gmail is known for providing high quality email service to their customer. It follows the high security standard protocol in order to protect their user data. Apart from that it also provides various other facilities like chatting, Doc sharing, online storage through Google storage and host range of other service and application. But sometimes user does face problem while using the Gmail, one of the common problem user face is regarding “How to recover deleted Gmail account ”. User can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow the simple procedure to fix the problem.

Steps for How to recover Gmail Account :

  • First of all, user needs to make sure that the Delete account is no more than minimum of two weeks.
  • Now after that open the Google Recovery page by typing in the web browser.
  • Now enter your email address and then click on Next.
  •  Afterwards in the text field that’s in the middle of the page and enter your password of your email address.
  • Again click on next and then click on continue when prompted.
  • Further make sure to review your account information through your phone number and email address.
  • Make sure to type the phone number in order to receive a text message.
  • Now type the verification code received on your mobile in given space in order to recover Gmail Account.
  • Then click on continue.
  • Afterwards login into your Gmail account to recover your account.

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