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How to unlock computer without password

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Unlock your computer without password with these simple steps

Keeping your computer safe from any unwanted activities or hacking attacks is the first priority for everyone. In order to save a computer, you should need to set a password that would help to protect your computer against any unauthorized access. But sometimes many situations come when users forgot their password that they set on their computer. In these situations, they look for ways to unlock a computer without using a password.

How to unlock computer without password?

If you want to unlock your computer without using the password, then you can very smoothly do that with the help of below steps:

·        First of all, start your computer or if it is already started, then restart it.

·        Press and hold the F8 keys until you would not see the Advanced Boot Options.

·        Now the Advanced Boot Options page will be opened and then choose Safe Mode to begin.

·        Login as the account name Administrator.

·        After that, you can very easily change or remove your forgotten password in the Control Panel.

 How to unlock computer password?

Have your computer locked and you also forgotten your password? Then you should need to unlock your computer password to get back to your computer. For this, go through the below instructions:

·        Insert the Windows password reset disc after the login screen will be appeared.

·        Click on the username that password you have forgotten and then type any text into the password box.

·        Now a new page will be opened and then click on Reset Password option.

·        After that, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new password for your computer.

how to get into someones computer without password

With the help of above-described steps, how to unlock computer without password problem can very easily be resolved. If you have any other problem or query, then contact with the customer service team for a better assistance.

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