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How to unlock iPhone without password

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Know about the ways to unlock iPhone without password

iPhone is a smartphone developed and delivered by Apple. It has the iOS operating system in it. Apple has launched many updated versions of the iPhones.

It can be easily accessed by the user. The user should have known about how to unlock iPhone. In case, if the user forgot the password, then the iPhone cannot be accessed. There are few methods by which user can learn how to unlock iPhone without password:

Through iTunes

  1. The version of iTunes should be latest. The user needs to connect the iPhone with the computer having iTunes in it.
  2. In this case, the user needs the password in the recovery mode. The user needs to wait until the data gets synced with the computer and then it can easily be accessed on the computer.
  3. Once the sync process is done, the files in the iPhone will be backed up and then restored. The device will restart and accessible.

In case, this method does not work, then the next way can be used to know how to unlock iPhone without a password.

Using Find my iPhone

  1. The first step would be to launch the iCloud homepage from an iOS device and enter the details.
  2. Once it is done, All devices option is chosen. In the case, if Find my iPhone is listed in the device, then it will on the list also.
  3. After that, the option saying Erase iPhone is chosen. If processed, all the data of the phone including the password will be lost.

Above mentioned are the steps to know how to unlock iPhone.

If still an issue is there, then the technical support department of Apple can be contacted. The issue will surely be resolved by the technical people. The contact information can be found on the website owned by Apple.

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