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How To Use Google Maps Offline

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Google maps is a kind of web services developed by the Google . Basically in this user can see street maps with the help of satellite and it offers route planning for the traveller whether by foot, car or public transport.  You can use Google Maps offline,it is really ideal when you want to figure out where you are if you don’t have Wi-Fi or when your monthly data allowance is about to finish.


Having Doubt that “How To Use Google Maps Offline”


There are number of people who are using Google Maps almost daily, so you get facility to download offline maps. Now , there must be a question arise that how to use Google Maps offline.  Here you can get guidelines to use Google maps in offline mode


Steps to use Google maps offline Android ?

  1. It is first required to open Google Maps and search for your desired location.
  2. After you find the location/area you want, the greatest way to save it  is to go to the “Options” menu
  3. You need to choose three lines icon and tap Offline areas.
  4. There is need to click plus or add symbol in the bottom right of the screen
  5. Now, you will be asked with a message that says "download this area?"
  6. There is need to scroll the map inside the square box till it encompasses the area you want a map of.
  7. Click “Zoom”  to close in on the area you want.You should move fingers in the opposite way to zoom out and encompass a larger area.
  8. When you will be happy with the map area, click the option to “Download”
  9. Now,you will now asked to name your area.You should do so in the box that appears.
  10. After you downloaded the map to your device, you may access it by tapping the menu icon
  11. On the left of the main Maps page,you can “Menu”
  12. When returning to Offline areas,now you can see your downloaded area.


Google Tech Support


You can use Google maps in both online and offline mode.If you still not satisfied by the solution and having doubt that how to use Google Maps offline android then ,you should connect with Google technical support team. Google Tech support team will not understand your problem but also suggest you with solution that is quite suitable for you.Tech engineers will remotely access your computer try to know the actual cause of problem.If the solution will be satisfactory,you will be charged.May be,you find certain occasions where solution will not be according to your needs.Individual need to pay anything in such conditions. User can  contact to the Google Customer Service number 24*7 and there are experts available all time to help their clients .


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