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Korean Air Cancellation & Refund Policy

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What is Korean Air Refund Policy?

Being a traveler you often face many situations where you cancel a flight ticket that you booked to your preferred destination due to multiple purposes. 

What is Korean Air Refund Policy?

One thing that you will really consider which refund from the particular airlines from that is you have booked your flight ticket. If you have cancelled a flight that you booked with Korean Air, then you can simply request a refund. But you must be required to know the Korean Air Refund Policy before requesting any sort of refund.

Korean Air Refund Policy 24 Hours

  • Passengers can simply request for a full refund on an unused ticket, if a cancellation is made within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of flight.
  • If a ticket has been cancelled out of the 24 hours period whether it’s domestic and international, then some refund charges will be applicable.
  • Passengers can make a request for a refund online through manage booking options.

Korean Air Cancellation Policy

 The airline allows passengers to cancel their tickets or make changes in it. If you have booked Korean airlines ticket and want to cancel or change them then you can read their cancellation and change policy given below.

  • Passengers can cancel tickets within 24 hour of their booking if the departure is in 7 or more days and get full refund without paying any cancellation fee.

  • Cancellations done after the 24 hour period will incur a cancellation fee.

  • This cancellation fee will depend on factors like cancellation time, ticket purchased, are rules, cabin class etc.

  • Cancellations can be done from 7 days to 24 hour before the departure.

  • Passengers can also request for refunds after cancellation. However refunds can be received only on refundable tickets.

If you don’t want to cancel tickets then you can make change flight on Korean Air.

Korean Airlines Change policy

  • Passengers can also make changes in their tickets. Changes can only be made if the fare rules apply.

  • A change fee may also apply if modifications are made.

  • The change fee will depend on the type of change made, time when the change is made and type of ticket.

  • Changes can be made up till 24 hour before the departure of flight.

  • If any flight is delayed by 30 minutes then passengers will be informed about the change through email.

Ways to cancel/change tickets

Korean Airlines Online cancellation 

  1. Visit Korean Airlines website.

  2. Select ‘My trips’ option. Click it.

  3. Enter your reservation number, departure date, travel locations, last and first name.

  4. Search for your reservation.

  5. Your ticket details will open.

  6. Select the cancel option and pay cancellation fee.

  7. Your tickets will be cancelled.

  8. Or make changes and pay the change fee.

  9. You will be issued a new ticket with changes.

Korean Air Call Center Support

Tickets can also be cancelled or changed by calling the reservation center or the customer support of Korean Airlines and talking to executives.

Korean Air Customer Service

With the help of the Korean Air Refund Policy which is given above can help to get a refund on your cancelled flight at Korean Air and if you are still not able to understand this policy or need another kind of help, then contact with the team of Korean Air customer service which is always ready to resolve multiple queries related to Korean Air.

In case passengers have any query or need more information about Korean Air Cancellation Policy or change policy then they can contact the customer support of the airline and take help of executives.

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