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Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery Number

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Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email program offering a wide range of options for PC users without access to paid robust software like Microsoft Outlook. It a lightweight software that works well. The program was introduced free and is still running without installment. Highlights including organising multiple emails, easy to understand in first attempt. Just like other email frameworks such as Windows, Mac and Linux; Mozilla Thunderbird brings the ideal results. It is obtainable inside a wide range of dialects beginning at a variety of parts of one's realm so anyone from anywhere can utilize it.

Using this email service users can grow their business without technical difficulty as the outstanding features of Mozilla Thunderbird always helps the user, saving them from unexpected issues. Still, there are some commonly faced issues by the users with Mozilla Thunderbird. After configuring Mozilla Thunderbird email accounts in desktop email clients like Outlook or other email services is usually a one time process and hence forgetting the password is a common phenomenon, leading users where they are unable to access their account.

How to reset Mozilla Thunderbird Password ? 

Following steps are required for Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery:

  • Open the email client.
  • Click on 'Tools' and then go to the options.
  • Switch to security, then click on to password.
  • Click on 'Saved Passwords' column. It will display a list of email accounts with saved password. Old email accounts from the list can be deleted as they are no longer used.
  • All email account passwords which are stored in Mozilla Thunderbird could be seen just by a click on 'Show Passwords' which you need to confirm when it asks you to. The same list displays the username, and also the site (that is the email provider).
  • To change passwords,  select the email account that are to be changed, and click 'remove'. In future when Thunderbird tries to retrieve emails from those removed accounts, it will ask for a password for that particular account.
  • Right-click on an account displays options to copy the username or password so it can be saved somewhere else. And this is how Mozilla Thunderbird password recovery is achieved.


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