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Ok Google Not Working

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It’s okay…if your Ok Google not working! Yes, you heard it right – it’s fine if this popular app is not working as via following few simple tips you can again get the app working in its top conditions. What else, this is a pretty simple process that anyone can do online. But if you cannot do it on your own, third party help on this issue is just a click away from you. So, first try resolving the query with us. Here we go!

Get Support Regarding Ok Google Not Working

Remember that troubleshooting Ok Google not responding depends on the fact that whether or not your handset has the Google Assistant. In order to fix Ok Google, Google Assistant must be turned on. To see if your device has the Google Assistant, follow these points:

  • Touch and hold the Home button for few seconds
  • If a message pops up reading “Hi how can I help” the Google Assistant is on. Further procedure for fixing OK Google will follow the steps for devices with Google Assistant
  • If you don’t get above message when holding the Home button, then you will have to follow another procedure that includes steps for devices without Google Assistant

How To Fix Issue Ok Google Not Working

Here, you will learn how to fix Ok Google not working issue on a device that has Google Assistant. Those having a smartphone or tablet that is not compatible to Google Assistant will have to wait for our next tutorial. So, friends, stay connected with us for important technical assistance like this in future. Right now, let’s resolve the query through smartphones having Google Assistant.

Steps To Resolve Issue Ok Google Not Working

  • Tap and hold Home button
  • At the top right corner, click on Settings
  • A drop down menu with various options will appear. Touch Devices then select your phone or tablet
  • Turn on the Google Assistant
  • Touch Ok Google detection
  • Now, switch on Say Ok Google anytime
  • Turn on Trusted Voice to let Ok Google unlock your device automatically when it hears your voice
  • Now go to the Google app page for updating your Ok Google app
  • Touch Update
  • Teach Google to recognize your voice
  • To check if the problem is fixed say Ok Google loudly

Google Tech Support Number

If the problem still persists either repeat the process – teach Google to recognize your voice or call the third party support for precise help tips to fix Ok Google not working.


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