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PayPal is an email account that allows the users to transfer important information from one user account to the other account. Users may log in to their respective email accounts and then may transfer important emails across different networks.

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How can the users reset or change the password of PayPal email account?

Suppose the users of PayPal email account may face certain issues in resetting the password of PayPal email account. For this, the users may follow the steps stated below:

  1. First of all users need to sign in to their respective email account by using the username and the corresponding password.
  2. Once the users have signed in to their respective user account, then they may go to the settings section.
  3. Under, the settings sections, they may go to the option to change or edit the password.
  4. After clicking on the option to change the password, the users may then enter a new password .
  5. Users may save the settings thus made and then confirm the settings thus made.

These are some of the ways by which the users may reset or change the password of PayPal email account. In case, if user face any issue, then they may contact PayPal Password Recovery Number for getting quick assistance for resolving the issues.

Take quick assistance from PayPal Tech Support experts :


Users may contact the PayPal technical support experts for getting the right solution steps for the issues that the users might be facing. The solution steps are stated in a simple and lucid manner that can be easily understood by the users. The solution steps are illustrated with examples. The solution that are provided are easy and practically viable as well. They are updated and one of the most recent solutions available in the market.

How to contact the experts?

Users may dial the PayPal Password Recovery Number for talking to the technical experts so that users may get the solutions for resolving the issues and problems that users might be facing while accessing their PayPal email account. The experts can be contacted at any time for availing the right assistance.

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