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Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

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If you are not okay with the bookings that you made, then don’t worry. In every airline, there is an option available to make changes in the flight. For example, if you have made bookings at Philippine Airlines then you can always change your bookings anytime you wish to.  

Procedure To Change Flight In Philippine Airlines  

For making Philippine Airlines change a booking, there are certain policies and steps. If your reservation falls under those norms then you can change your flight without any hassle. To find out about the process, tap below. 

 Steps To Change Bookings In Philippine Airlines  

  1. To change a flight, open the website of the airline and tap on the manage booking section. 

  2.  Under the manage booking section of the airline, you can pick a change reservation link. 

  3.  Enter the booking number, find out about your flight details, and make the required changes in the flight. 

  4.  If there is any fare difference then you have to pay that and you will be done! 

Flight change policies of Philippines Airline 

  1. To change flights, you can check the following Philippine Airlines flight change policy for more reference.
  2. If you change flights within 24 hours of the flight booking then you won't be charged with any money.  
  3. But if you change flight between before 12 hours before flight departure then you will be charged with at least 10% of the fare.  
  4. Similarly, you can change domestic flights only on the domestic route and international ones only with other international routes.  
  5. In case you change a flight on the last moment before the flight takes off then you might be charged with at least 30 percent of the flight fare or even more. 

Philippine Airlines Customer Service 

And hence you are done! Using the Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can easily change your flight. In case, you come across any doubt or issue while making changes or related to the reservation, then you can contact the customer care team of the airline.

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