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Philippine Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

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If you have planned to travel with the Philippine Airlines and booked the flight in advance but unfortunately you have to drop this plan due to unforeseen situation. 

Get Details On Philippine Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Now you want to cancel your booking. According to the Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy you can cancel your flight anytime and request for the refund but make sure that there is no option to cancel the flight in Philippine Airlines online through the website so you have to dial the phone number of the Philippine Airlines customer services and ask them to cancel the flight for you or you can directly visit to the ticket counter at the Airport for the same.

Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy allow you to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of the booking time without cancellation charges if there is at least 7 days difference in the flight departure and the flight cancellation time.

Under the Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy passengers are not allowed if there is 1 hour left in flight departure. And the ticket cannot be transferred as well.

Philippine Airlines Refund Policy is different for the different payment modes as follows:

Payment Via Alipay

  • If the payment was done but the tickets are not booked due to time out you will get a refund in the original form of payment

  • You can visit the ticket office in the Philippine or in the foreign you will get the cash refund when you cancel the flight

  • You can email to the email address provided on Philippie Airlines site and you will get the refund in your Alipay account directly.

Payment Via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB credit / Debit card

If according to the Philippine Airlines Refund Policy you are eligible to request for the refund for your unused ticket. The passengers or the credit card holder can contact at the ticket office or email to Philippine Airlines mail

The refund will be credited in the original form of payment in the same account

Payment Via Bancnet ATM card

You can request for a refund if you have cancelled the ticket is in accordance to the Philippine Airlines Refund Policy and you are eligible for the refund.

  • Only the passenger with the name on the ticket can apply for a refund in case of cancellation

  • Refund can be requested at any Philippine based PAL ticket office

  • There might be cancellation charges and taxes

Payment Via PayPal

  • Refund can be requested at PAT ticket office or email at Philippine Airlines website

  • There might be cancellation charges included as per Philippine Airlines Refund Policy

  • Refund will be transferred to the PayPal account

What Is Philippine Airlines Cancellation Process

In case you are proposing to cancel your pre-booked flight with Philippine Airlines, you must understand its cancellation policy first. Philippine Airlines states clear rules concerning the canceling of a flight ticket with them. Well, this page is the best platform for you to learn about the cancellation policy of Philippine Airlines. Aside from that, you will also learn here the canceling process, which you need to follow for the final ticket cancellation with Philippine Airlines. Hence, the cancellation policy of Philippine Airlines and its process is explained below.

Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy, you are allowed to cancel only those flight tickets which are booked online on its website.
  • The cancellation policy of Philippine Airlines online allows canceling tickets by contacting their reservation center or by sending them an email.
  • You cannot cancel your flight ticket online, as the cancellation policy of Philippine Airlines doesn't provide an online cancellation service.
  • Besides, Philippine Airlines also charge a fixed amount of cancellation fee to the passengers, who apply for the flight ticket cancellation with them.
  • The penalty implemented by Philippine Airlines for ticket cancellation wholly depends on the ticket value condition.
  • Apparently, Philippine Airlines refund the remaining amount after deduction of the cancellation fee in the original payment modes used by the traveler during actual booking.

Philippine Ailrines Cancellation process:

  • You have to contact the reservation center of the Philippine Airlines first, as you already know that cancelling a ticket online is not possible

  • Then you have to share the booking details of flight you want to cancel, with the reservation officer.

  • Finally, the reservation officer will cancel the ticket on your behalf.

  • You can also send an email to the official email ID of Philippine Airlines, providing the details of the flight you wish to cancel.

Philippine Airlines Customer Service

Still face any issue so just make a call on Philippine Airlines Customer Service and get details from helpdesk anytime 24*7.Hence, Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy discussed above defines all the terms & conditions for canceling a flight ticket with them. Moreover, you are suggested to reach the customer care department of Philippine Airlines, if you wish to know additional details about their cancellation rules.

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