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How to Recover Deleted Outlook Account

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Hotmail – was earlier known as MSN Hotmail , it is an email service which is indeed run by Microsoft and is a part of Windows live , according to the survey Windows Live Hotmail was one  of the world’s largest online email service however this was before it was purchased by Microsoft ,Microsoft Outlook is a personal  information manager which is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite however know it is mostly used as an email which helps the individual to stay connected through the means of exchange of messages and to make it more secure it is password protected one also has the option to recover the password , if the account is not used one can delete the account and recover the same by taking some steps one will be able to learn How to recover Deleted Outlook Account

Steps for Outlook Account Recovery :

If by mistake one has deleted the Outlook account and now wants to recover deleted Outlook Account in that case one can take the following steps in other words one can take the steps as below to understand How to Recover Outlook Account

·         Double click the Microsoft\Outlook.\’’and then individual will be required to copy the name of the .pst file as one will need the same while getting the process complete

·         Hit  on Start and then click on programs look for the option Microsoft office and select Outlook which will open the Outlook

·         Click on file from the options available select Import and Export

·         Hit on Import from another file and hit Next

·         Click .pst file and hit next

·         The individual will be required to put in \’’C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst/\’’ and in order to change the username change \’’yourusername\’’to the initial name and \Outlook.pst\’’to the name of the\’’Next\’’

·         In order to import the entire file click \’’Finish\’’ and by taking the steps mentioned above one able to learn How to recover Outlook Account

If the individual is facing some concern while getting How to recover deleted Outlook account one can also seek help from the Outlook support team.

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