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How to recover your SBC Global Password?

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SBC Global known as Southwestern Bell Corporation is a leading ISP and furthermore gives the Webmail services to the users. Later on, it was acquired by the AT&T Inc and since then, the features of the same have been enhanced a lot. If you will get access to the SBC Global, you will be directed either to Yahoo or AT&T because the services are provided by them.

However, if you have overlooked your SBC Global Password and not getting an approach to get the same, then no need to get worried. SBC Global Password Recovery is a simple procedure, you can play out the errand on a successful path and for your solace, few steps have been listed underneath.

SBC Global Password Recovery | An Emphatic Approach

  • Visit the official website of AT&T.
  • Now move to the Login Panel and under the same, click Forgot Password.
  • Thereafter, a new window will appear and here you will get few options to reset your Password.
  • Click on the checkbox of Forgot and then enter your User ID. Make sure to enter your Full Name.
  • Solve the CAPTCHA for security purposes and click Continue.
  • Then, you will get few options to recover your password. Select I’ll answer my security questions.
  • Now, provide the correct answer to the questions and then after completing this step, click Continue.
  • After that, you will be directed to the Account Recovery page, enter your New Password and click Continue.
  • Hence, you have successfully recovered your SBC Global Password.

There is another path for SBC Global password recovery. In this technique, you will get the temporary password to access your account and once you are in your account, then you can change the password with the better one. The details are explained below.

SBC Global Password Reset | Temporary Password

  • Visit the official website of the AT&T and then move to the Forgot Password Page.
  • Now enter your User ID and Full Name and then click Continue.
  • Thereafter, you will receive few options to reset your Password, select Send me a Temporary Password from the given option and then enter your secondary email address where you want to receive the same.
  • After completing the above steps, click Continue.
  • Now open your secondary email and check for the temporary password.
  • Note down the password and write it down on the Account Recovery page of the AT&T and then click Continue.
  • After that, you will be directed to your Account. Now you can change your temporary password with the new one.


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