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Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

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Singapore Airlines is one of the major airline companies in Singapore. With its hub at Singapore Airport, it connects Singapore with all the major cities across the Globe. 

About Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

Not only has this but Singapore Airlines promoted Tourism in the country with its unique aviation facilities. These days apart from mere booking tickets there are a lot more other facilities that Airlines provide to its customers. Hence if you want you can avail these facilities by booking tickets. You can access all other services related to booking through manage bookings. To know more about Singapore Airlines Manage Booking refer to below details.

Manage booking policies of Singapore Airlines:

The two main services of any manage booking policy are changing tickets and cancelling reservations. To know more about such Singapore Airlines Manage My Booking look for below steps of changing and cancelling reservations.

Changing reservations:

1.If you have made any booking but now want to change it because of changed plans then you can head to manage booking section.  

2.Choose change reservation from the given options and tap

3.Now follow next steps to modify the details you want to and you are done

Singapore Airlines Cancelling Reservations:

1.If you want to cancel tickets then you can easily do by manage bookings

2.On the airline’s website look for manage booking option

3.Once done click on cancel reservations

4.You will be asked to enter your booking number

5.As your booking details will appear click on cancel link and you are done

6.You will partially charged for cancellation if you have cancel tickets after 24 hours

Apart from these two services Singapore Airlines Manage Booking also has some other facilities as well. You can know about them through below points.

1.You can check for baggage policies if you are skeptical about how much luggage you should carry.

2.In case of weather uncertainty you can confirm your flight through manage bookings

3.If you want to upgrade your seat you can do so by manage booking option

4.If you want to save time from standing in the queue you can even check in online sitting at home through manage booking option

5.Moreover you can search for flights before making any reservations if you want to travel

Singapore Airlines Customer Support

Hence you can avail all the above services with the help of Singapore Airlines Manage My Bookings. If in case while booking, changing or cancelling reservations you can reach out to Singapore Airlines Customer Support for more reference. They will be in touch with you till your query doesn’t get resolved .

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