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Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Southwest Airlines is a major airline of America. It has a fleet size of 753 and covers 101 destinations. Many times we have to get our tickets cancelled due to various reasons.

Southwest Airlines Ticket cancellation Procedure

According to Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy passengers can easily cancel their flight tickets.

1. Southwest Airlines tickets can be cancelled through a variety of ways. Passengers can cancel their tickets themselves by going to their official website or by contacting their Reservation department or by calling their customer relation office.

2. To cancel tickets online, these steps can be followed.

  • Open Southwest Airlines website.

  • Select ‘Manage Reservation’ option.

  • Type confirmation number, first and last name

  • Select the flight that needs to be cancelled.

  • Click the cancel flight option

  • Provide a reason of cancellation.

  • Confirm the cancellation.

3. If you want to cancel tickets by contacting the Reservation department or customer relation office then you have to give them your ticket details and ask them to cancel the flight for you.

4. Southwest Airlines cancellation policy mentions that if a passenger cancels the tickets within 24 hours of ticket purchase when the departure date is 7 days away then the passenger can receive a full refund for both non refundable and refundable tickets.

How To Get Refund From Southwest Airlines 

Before requesting the refund passengers need to know all this about Southwest Airlines Refund Policy.

1. Passengers can request a refund themselves by going to the airlines website or by contacting their Reservation department or by calling their customer relation office. Passengers can also write to the airlines Refunds Department.

2. If passengers are requesting refund by writing to Refunds Department then they need to include unused ticket and proof of purchase and the confirmation number. If a refund is requested by calling then passengers have to provide their flight details, confirmation number and ticket number.

3. Refund depends upon a number of factors like the ticket, fare purchased, the destination and the time of cancellation.

4. Refund for refundable tickets will be given back in the original form of payment. Passengers can also get Reusable Travel Funds that can be used for future travel within a year.

5. According to Southwest Airlines Refund Policy refund cannot be requested for nonrefundable tickets. But passengers can get Reusable Travel Funds.

6. It can take up to seven business days for refunds to be credited in the credit or debit card by the Refunds Department after they receive the refund request.

7. It can take up to ten business days by the bank to give credit to the passenger's account. The refund can be seen on the statement within 1-2 statement mailings.

Southwest Airlines Customer Care

If passengers have any doubts regarding the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy and the Southwest Airlines Refund Policy then they can contact the Southwest airlines customer care center and get their guidance.

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