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TAP Air Portugal Flight Compensation

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TAP Air Portugal Flight Delay & Cancellation Compensation 

Whenever you plan for a trip and you face the issue of flight delay or cancellation, your travel plans are torn apart. But, thankfully the passengers can take the help of EU air passenger rights laws to get compensation for their loss. You can check in this article about how much you are entitled to get it and in what circumstances you can get the compensation.

About TAP Air Portugal Flight Cancellation Compensation

Talking of TAP Air Portugal Flight Cancellation Compensation, the passengers can opt for getting it as it plays havoc with the travel plans. You should check whether you are eligible to get a refund or not. Well, the passengers will get compensation of $700 per person when the airline cancels the ticket giving late notice to the passengers. This means that the cancellation of the flight less than 14 days before the flight was due to depart.

Situations In Which The Airline Will Not Pay The Compensation:

  • If the airline offers the replacement flight to the passengers with similar departure and the arrival time to the original.

  • If extraordinary circumstances were at play and the airline cancels the flight. Now, if the things are going out of control but they are forced to cancel the flight, then they will not have to pay the cancellation compensation.

Now, there are cases when the airline gets the claim of the passengers to provide them with compensation at the time of flight delay. Well, to get more information about this, you can go for looking at the topic of TAP Air Portugal Flight Delay Compensation.

About TAP Air Portugal Flight Delay Compensation 

When the passengers have some important work and they have to travel urgently, they are required to rush to their preferred destination. But, sometimes, the airline faces the issue of the flight delay where they have to bear the loss in terms of money or miss their important conference or anything. Now, the airline will provide TAP Air Portugal Flight Delay Compensation of up to $700 if the flight is delayed for 3 hours or more. Well, there can be exceptions to any circumstances. They can be:

  • The airline will not provide compensation if they are delaying the flight due to bad weather. This is not in the hands of the airline and so, they are not entitled to pay compensation to the passengers.

  • Air traffic control strikes or an incident at the airport.

TAP Air Portugal Customer Helpline

EU 261 regulation states that the passengers can claim the compensation of the flight of the past 3 years. This is all about the compensation related to the delays and cancellation in the TAP Air Portugal. You can also contact the customer support by calling on the TAP helpline number and getting assistance from them. Their service is active round the clock and they can walk the extra mile for you.

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