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How Can I Change My TAP Portugal Flight Date For Free

Sometimes, after making a plan and booking a flight, you may change your plan. In that case, you may want to change the date of your flight in place of cancelling your flight. Now changing your flight date might be a simple task or a tricky one for different people. 

How easily you can change your flight date depends on the airline you have booked a flight with. Some airlines let you change your flight date easily, while others might have some rigid policies. However, if you have booked a flight with TAP Portugal, then you can change your flight date easily. Without further ado, let’s head towards knowing TAP Portugal flight change policy. 

How To Change TAP Portugal Flight Without Any Fee 

It’s a human tendency not to feel good about spending money on things which could be done without spending any money. Hence, we search for ways where we could do things for free. Well, there is good news for you if you want to go through the process of TAP Portugal flight date change for free. If you change your flight date within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket, then yes, you can do it without paying any fee. 

Steps To Change TAP Portugal Flight For Free

  • Go to the official website of TAP Portugal, and reach Manage My Bookings section. Log in to your account and view details of your booking. 

  • Add the number of your Frequent Flyer (Star Alliance or TAP Miles & Go).

  • You can now change your flight by calculating the costs of changing your flight. 

  • Pay the cost and reissue an e-ticket for your booking. 

  • Reserve a seat for your new flight, and add other things if you want. 

TAP Portugal Flight Change Policy

  • Only those customers who have an e-ticket and who are changing the flight within 24 hours of the purchase can change their flight.

  • Customers who hold a ticket that was booked through a travel agency or who have TAP Miles & Go or MilesOnly Tickets and CorporateMiles & Cash, are only allowed to view their bookings and are not allowed to change their flight. 

  • You can only change the flights and the dates, you cannot change the route.

  • Changes will be made for all the passengers in a booking, and not a single person. 

TAP Portugal Customer Service

So this is the TAP Portugal flight change policy and the steps you can follow to change the flight. Feel free to contact TAP Portugal customer service in case of any difficulty.

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