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Trend Micro Antivirus Password Recovery

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How to recover the Trend Micro Antivirus password?

It is an internet security system developed by Trend Micro. The antivirus system is protecting the system from any threat and also it eliminates bugs creating problem in the PC. It is easy to install the antivirus and the program gets updated of its own. Your system will be protected against any ransomware and also blocks the daily threats. While your children is accessing internet on your PC, the antivirus will provide protection against any online threat. The user privacy will be secured on social media and the passwords are managed better. The antivirus also secures the mobile devices against any threat.
Many Trend Micro antivirus users have reached out to the support team for help in antivirus password recovery. If the password has been lost then reset the OSCE management console password. Here are the steps to reset the password –

  • Using the Admin credentials login to the OSCE server first.
  • Use a tool to recover the password. Go to the folder ‘\Trend Micro\OfficeScan\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\OSCEResetPW
  • For OfficeScan 10.6’ and download the tool.
  • Run ‘OSCEResetPW.exe’ and enter the new password.
  • Now click on ‘Change Password’ and the user will be notified once the password is changed.

Here are the steps to reset or uninstall the antivirus password –


  • The ‘Ofcscan.ini’ needs to be edited first. The file will be in ‘C:\Windows\Ofcscan.ini’ or ‘C:\Program Files\’.
  • Now using the notepad search for ‘[INI_CLIENT_SECTION]’ in the ‘Ofcscan.ini’ file.
  • There will be the line ‘Uninstall_Pwd=’. Find it and type ‘#’ at the beginning of the line. Also, insert a new line saying ‘Uninstall_Pwd=70’.
  • Save the file ‘Ofcscan.ini’ and retry the uninstall option. Enter ‘1’ when prompted for the password.

In case of any problem in Trend Micro Antivirus password recovery, contact the Trend Micro Antivirus password recovery number support experts. These support professionals are the best persons for any technical solution. Also, the antivirus technical experts solves different antivirus problem within moments.  

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