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Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Volaris Airline has been of the prominent Airlines of Mexico. Based in the suburbs of Mexico City, Volaris provide daily flights services from Mexico to other countries and connecting Mexico with other parts of the world.

What is Volaris Airline Cancellation & Refund Policy

Hence if you are planning to travel to Mexico you can easily book flight tickets. Not just this but if you want you can even cancel or change your flight ticket accordingly. But before planning to cancel your flight ticket you can go through below Volaris Cancellation Policy.

Steps of Volaris Airlines Flight Cancellation:

1.For cancelling your flight reservations you can call up on reservation helpline number

2.To cancel your ticket you need to tell them about your booking code and name

3.If you got your ticket booked through any travel agent then contact to get your reservations cancelled.

4.Once you know how to cancel your ticket there are certain terms and conditions of Volaris Airline that you must know while cancelling your ticket which are as follows.

About Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy:

1.If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking then you won’t be charged with any amount

2.But if you cancel any other ticket   then there will be some charges applied

3.Your ticket will only be considered for no charges if you haven’t checked in at airport or online

4.During cancelling your ticket you need to inform the airlines that you haven’t checked in as well as you make sure to cancel your flight ticket at least three hours before the flight departure

Once your flight ticket is cancelled you will be entitled to some kind of refund amount hence for that you need to know about certain refund policies. To know more about Volaris Refund Policy scroll down to below points.

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy:

1.If you have cancelled your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking then you will be refunded the entire amount

2. But if you have cancelled your flight ticket after 24 hours then you will be refunded only a certain amount of ticket

3.For refund amount you will be required to share your bank details for the refund amount

4.Note that the refund will be made the same way you must have made payment while booking flight tickets

5.For domestic as well as international flights the refund policy is different

Volaris Airlines Customer Service

Thus for cancelling your flight ticket and requesting for your refund you can go through below points and decide accordingly. And in case of any doubt or query you can contact Volari Airlines Customer Service for more help.


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